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This textured Forged Carbon Kit for your F-150 Raptor will make people stop in their tracks and want to touch it. Which may be a good or a bad thing depending on what you're into. 


But no worries! This vinyl is fairly scratch resistant, so it will hold up well to a little offroading and people touching it at every opportunity. And still comes with quality Air-Release technology from HEXIS so it's repositionable and bubble free.


This ain't no cheap China film. It's made in Europe. Dude, you are so cultured look at you go! You're about to be rocking France's finest creation right here in America. 


This Forged Carbon vinyl kit will make all your buddies stop and stare, and it will make countless people ask the age old question: "Are they real?"...


...Well my friends, they're real if you can touch 'em that's what I always say.


-Troy D

Gen 2 (2017-2020) RAPTOR FORGED CARBON

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • HEXIS Forged Carbon Fiber Vinyl

    Textured Finish 

    Repositionable with Air-Release technology

    Pre-Mask: Airmask flexible semi-clear pre-mask

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