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Introducing the all new lineup: X-TRACT CAMO. Why? Because I'm f@$#*& pissed. Read on:


I am a firm believer that the biggest obstacles reveal new and exciting paths for us. You see, there's plenty of big companies that have legally protected patterns that you can license. And customers want them naturally! I won't name names of these companies. I'm sure you can think of a few.  Apparently my wrap work being featured in several published magazines, a Forza video game, having done countless art cars seen nationwide and worldwide in rallies like GoldRush, Gumball 3000, etc...apparently I'm just not cool enough to earn access to their licensing. 


That's cool. They can keep it. I've been the underdog my whole life. Didn't stop me from doing shit!


So I came up with my own: X-TRACT CAMO. I don't like rules. Why color inside the lines? Why make other graphics to copy every other style out there? That's not what I am building here! My goal is to make everyone else copy me. Above all else, I want my team/friends/customers having the dopest graphics available on the market. This ain't no etsy bullshit. This is more like factory quality kits to give your vehicle a brand new flavor and look like a special edition while you are flying down the road. 


Now I love camo. Different styles, different colors, & patterns. In fact my first ever camo wrap design (on a Gen 1 Raptor ironically) got featured in a magazine in 2013. But I wanted to do something outside the lines with this one. I didn't want to simply make a cool shape and fill it in with camo. There will be time for that later. But for the X-TRACT CAMO line-up I wanted the camo to literally be the design.


This layout will be available in multiple colorways that will follow. To start, this pattern is available in a metallic finish featuring Silver Metallic, Gunmetal, Steel, and Anodized Bronze. It comes in a Matte finish, which really makes the metallic look an anodized finish. 


It's available as a full kit or the Bedsides and Hood pieces can be purchased independently. 


Put them together and you will be sending people to the chiropractor. 


  • Hood Kit consists of x2 Qty pieces (Left and Right Side) and features our Easy-Align System
  • Bedside Kit consists of x10 Qty pieces (5 pieces Left and 5 pieces Right) and features our Easy-Align System


Order yours today!


Have color suggestions or requests? Send me a message! If your idea is popular enough it may go into production! 

Gen 2 (2017-2020) Raptor X-TRACT CAMO

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