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From my personal design vault comes my all time favorite piece:  'Travel To Miami'. 


There's no place like it. It's tranquil in the day, alive at night, and full of rich culture and stories. Inspired by my first trip there in 2017, I set out to create a vintage style travel poster. I knew in my head what I wanted it to look like, but I hadn't drawn in years. I had the basic structure done pretty quickly, but I just didn't know how to finish it. I've never taken so long to finish a design, but I felt no need to rush it. Add something, take it away. Take this away, move that. A little more detail, less complicated. I felt no need to rush it. It was for the pickiest customer of all time...myself. The only requirement is that when I looked at it I instantly felt the feeling that Miami gives me. It would be years before I would consider it finished. 


It's proudly displayed in my shop and in my own home, and I have given out only two as gifts to personal friends; the first going to an old friend from Miami who's father passed away in recent years. I remember we had coffee and breakfast with his dad at a cool little restuarant seated outside somwhere in the heart of Miami. He was old school. Brought a notepad to show us directions. His wife, my friend's mom, dripping in jewlery. In any other town way too dressed up for breakfast but in Miami...she didn't look like Miami she WAS Miami. I sat enjoying some laughs and good conversation, and took time to notice the palm trees swaying and felt the sun on my face. I left a piece of my heart in Miami there's no doubt about it. 


Ah, the other piece that I gifted? Of course. That's a key part of the story! The second I gifted to the owner of the most legendary wrap shop in the world, the one and only Bruno from Metro Wrapz. I felt honored that he loved the gift, and it was only right that he recieve one. After all, he was part of the inspiration that allowed me to finally finish it. I visited their shop just outside of Miami some years later, and his love for expressive art definitely left an impression on me. To allow my ideas to come to life in my own world. In my shop, in my home. And it started clicking. You already are who you are, you just have to show it.


That's what we are all after isn't it? To ultimately find ourselves. Every place that I have traveled I have taken a piece with me and left a piece of me there. This is the journey. The vital, necessary steps to finding our way. Is it possible that we can capture something about life in a piece of art? Or is it just another filler piece? Something to take up space on the wall?


To me, art that I hang on a wall is not just to fill the space. It's to fill the space with stories. 


I would be honored if you wanted to share a part of my story. So I have made these available to all of you. And I hope that you enjoy it the way that I do. Thank you for visiting-


Your friend

-Troy D



Travel To Miami

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